Steam ID Active
tM | BadLung 0:0:63831
tM | Beatsublime 0:1:524253
tM | BlackJack 0:0:243263
tM | Darkside 0:1:206774
tM | Drake 0:1:427212
tM | Myopia 0:0:332478
tM | Prodigy 0:0:9932824
tM | V!R! 0:0:68206




The commander, the chief, the man all in the tM clan look up to. He has reigned over the CS division of Merlin for as long as time itself and would be considered as a veteran in some circles. A highly decorated player who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and crack a few skulls.





The Resident DJ of tM, Beats loves the tunes and loves the headshots. If you need an Awper, and no one else can help… then you can call… Beats! He’s a Deadly killer and loves nothing more than to mess with his rates, FPS and anything else that can be tweaked!?!





A cold blooded killer, a fearless trained assassin – brought up by wolves until he was 10, then adopted by Tibetan monks and trained in the ways of the ninja! Give this man a Colt M15a Tactical Carbine and he will kill anything in his path!





Made the switch from the force a few years after Lord Vader butlived in his shadow for sometime, Now having conquered the galaxyhe has switched his attention to CS and fighting evil with his tM members.Always handy to have around, but don’t cross him or you will feel thePower of the DarkSide!





The cool under pressure, sophisticated, ladies man is no more! Drakewas last seen some time ago muttering the words “marriage” after he was severely hurt and left traumatized in a flashbang incident. Some say he lost his nerve after that, and his nuts. He may return toaction once he gets his killer instinct back.





All fear the wrath of Myopia! This is the man who can save a full match in a single play. Cold, calculated, Myo is an old head when it comes to CS and takes no prisoners. The legend of his last minute win on Oilrig, Taking out the VIP with a single pistol bullet and being hailed a hero, Will be told for centuries to come…





A new recruit, an unknown entity who comes with a reputation and a blood line passed down from the CS tradition of  the Beatsublime Family. Younger, faster and hungrier (as he would say) than his older brother Beats, this man has the future of tM on his shoulders.





Trained by the best of the best, Viri knows nothing other than to kill, mame and torture. However he is a true gent and will always ask how you are before ripping your head off point blank. He is the technical mind behind tM – so if you do kill him, expect a serious amount of spam email and virus attachments in your inbox the next day!







Been missing in action for sometime now, rumors are rife that he was  abducted by a race called “The missus” and is being punished for his sins. Was once thought to be on his way to greatness as his skills grew, now we are left with only memories… one day he will return!






A recent recruit, the swine is one of the meanest, dirtiest, and savage killers on the CS circuit today. Wildly uncontrollable and lives for the hunt. We will try and tame him and take him part of the team,But you can never truly tame a wild beast!